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Petra Sparrer

Northern Portugal’s largest city lies right by the Douro River and the Atlantic Ocean: an ideal way to enjoy both the beach and the culture, have fish and seafood, and taste port wines in several different wineries of Vila Nova de Gaia. In addition to the city’s impressive bridges and cathedrals (which are UNESCO World Heritage sites) there’s contemporary art, culture, and architecture to discover. In short: Porto has nothing but quality to offer!

This updated travel guide is the ideal partner for helping you explore all sides of this Portuguese harbor city on your own:

  • The most important landmarks and attractions of the city, as well as less-known neighborhoods and sights are thoroughly introduced and assessed
  • Fascinating architecture, from gorgeous baroque to modern brutalism
  • With a walking tour through the city, full of variety
  • Excursions for a long weekend
  • Trips to the coast: the beaches of Foz do Douro and Matosinhos
  • Great places to shop, from the oldest colonial goods stores to stylish boutiques
  • The best restaurants and pubs, as well as all kinds of information on Portuguese cuisine
  • Ideas for planning your evenings and nights: from jazz and fado to electronic and rock music
  • Port wine: the most important wineries of the city and the history of the region’s winegrowing culture
  • Relaxation in Porto: beach cafés, Jardim do Morro, Horto das Virtudes
  • Selected accommodation, from the affordable to the extravagant
  • Practical information about arrival, prices, transportation, tours, events, emergencies …
  • Background information with depth: history, Porto’s mentality, life in the city …
  • A small introduction to Portuguese with important travel vocabulary
  • City map
  • And a free web app for smartphones, tablets, and PCs! (see below)

The CityTrip series, by the renowned German travel guide publisher Reise Know-How (“travel know-how”), features over 130 destinations, making it the most comprehensive collection of city guides published worldwide. This ePub version originates from the German print version.

Infos | Rezensionen


numerous pictures, detailed maps, linked online map


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