AUDIO German Slang (Audio-CD)

Kauderwelsch AusspracheTrainer und AUDIO
ISBN: 978-3-8317-6165-4
Spieldauer: 64 min.
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Learning to speak German Slang:

The Queen’s English surely feels as up­tight and serious as its standardized Ger­man counter­part Hoch­deutsch. However, the man in the street does not always express him­self in such a polished way, and even less so when at home, down at the pub or among friends. It’s therefore hardly sur­prising that one can’t grasp the jokes be­ing cracked without some serious study of straightforward fa­mi­liar and outright rude German language. The key to being able to read between the lines is to familiarise yourself with the col­loquial expressions and idioms in German.


01 Introduction00:29
02 Say it in German02:05
03 Very Peculiar: Denglisch!02:13
04 German Dialects03:54
05 Yes. Maybe. Sure – a collection of affirmatives01:45
06 No! No Need! As If! – all the replies meaning 'no'01:43
07 Great! Not Bad! Wow! – when you just love it02:49
08 Shit! No Good! – if it's a bunch of crap03:48
09 Kiss My Arse! Who Cares! – whenever you could't care less01:21
10 Really? Full On! Stunning! – for amazing moments in life02:23
11 Feel Great! Excited! Lucky Me! – when you're spirits fly high01:17
12 Exhausted! Wrong! Screwed Up! – if everything turns into chaos02:27
13 Hilarious! Joke! Fooled! – if everything turns into chaos02:02
14 Nonsense! Huh? No Clue! – when puzzled about all that bullshit01:57
15 Chat, Gossip & Whinge – when you can't keep still03:02
16 Shut Up! Bigmouth! Spit It Out! – when you can't keep still01:44
17 Crazy! Driving Me Nuts! – when someone drives you really mad01:54
18 Furious! Enough! – when it's all a bit too much03:03
19 Get Lost! Or Else... – a collection of last warnings02:19
20 Pissing Your Pants? – about the scared and the cowardly01:08
21 Arseholes, Bitches, Idiots & Others – all the fancy curses for both sexes05:46
22 Cash & Work – the hard-earned crust03:31
23 Partytime! Get Plastered! – for a good night out04:30
24 Munch, Devour & Eat – about having something solid to eat01:13
25 Chatting Up & Knocked Back – for the lovey-doveys01:03
26 Friends & Sweathearts – for good friends and lovers01:44
27 About the Body & Intimacy – let's talk about sex03:18


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