Poland, South (1:400.000)

ISBN: 978-3-8317-7265-0
Pages: 2
Edition statement: 1. edition
Mapscale: 1:400000
Unfolded height: 70cm
Unfolded width: 100cm
Misc: Format: 70x100 cm, double-sided, printed on waterproof and rip-proof material, detachable paper sleeve
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ACHTUNG: Diese Landkarte bildet zusammen mit der Karte "Polen, Nord" NICHT ganz Polen ab. Zwischen den Blattschnitten der beiden Karten gibt es eine Lücke von ca. 150 Kilometern. Für den Mittelteil Polens verweisen wir auf unsere Polen-Karte im Maßstab 1:675.000 sowie auf die beiden Karten "Polen, Südost" bzw. "Polen, Südwest" im Maßstab 1:360.000.


Reise Know-How map  Poland, South (1:400.000)
Reise Know-How maps (world mapping project series) are easy-to-read, waterproof and highly durable travel maps specifically designed for everyday use on the road.
Our maps combine state-of-the-art, GPS-compatible cartography (including hypsometric tints and contour lines) with a detailed rendering of road networks and touristic information. They offer the best possible scale, level of detail and readability, be it a map of a small island or half a continent.
The maps feature a detachable paper sleeve so that the maps can be folded easily and fit in every pocket. Although printed on plastic, a special coating makes sure the maps retain a paper-like feel and can even be written on with a pencil.

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