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The Kauderwelsch Pronunciation Trainer makes the most important expressions and phrases from the Kauderwelsch book audible.

This is how the Kauderwelsch Pronunciation Trainer works:

  • First the expression is spoken in English,
  • then its translation in German.
  • After that there is a pause, so that you can practice repeating the expression.
  • For a final check the german expression is spoken again.

Language learning without stress!


germ01 Introduction00:47
germ02 Phrases02:47
germ03 Important questions03:34
germ04 Comprehension02:07
germ05 Saying Hello and Goodbye04:31
germ06 A small conversation05:01
germ07 General expressions of politeness02:26
germ08 The weather01:05
germ09 Accomodation01:48
germ10 Travelling around Germany03:05
germ11 Seeing the sights01:13
germ12 Culture00:52
germ13 Nightlife01:22
germ14 Food and drinks02:03
germ15 Shopping02:20
germ16 Service00:15
germ17 At the doctors02:40
germ18 Numbers03:02

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