Coen Wubbels

Landcruising Adventure

Chile © Landcruising Adventure

Coen Wubbels 




photographer / mechanic / driver / pacifier 


3 things that make me happy?

  • finding a nice quiet camp spot in nature with an awesome view.
  • enjoying good food with good company 
  • when things eventually work out


Favourite dish/drink:
wow... There are so many....
But you could wake me up any time for a Peruvian ceviche


My favourite countries:
Brazil / Pakistan / Iran / Myanmar 


Brasilien © Landcruising Adventure

Chile © Landcruising Adventure

Where do I feel at home?
Brazil. I love the people, the language and the food. I can find people with a good work ethos. 


Which languages do I speak?
Dutch / English / German / Spanish / Brazilian Portuguese 


My most loved travel memory:
We were camping on a deserted beach for a few days in north Brazil, when this man came jogging along and stopped for a nice chat. A few hours later a messenger-boy came driving through the dunes with a chilled bottle of Moët and fresh fruits. "My boss likes to know if you would like to share Christmas dinner with his family."


© AdamHarteau

Travelling means to me ... 

Adapting and learning about new cultures / sounds / food / religion. Finding things that are not on the tourist destination map and encounters that are not available to buy in a travel agency.


When I think to the next destination of our journey, I feel …
Uncertain and elated. Because we are kind of stuck in Venezuela. Our idea was to drive to Colombia and visit the most northern part of South America, but since two months all the borders with Colombia have been closed. Due to our ending visa we had to rush 2.000 kilometers to the Brazilian border. From here getting to Colombia would mean a 7.000 kilometer detour, much of which we already know. An alternative would be to drive to the 3 Guyanas once again and find a way to ship the car to a new destination.


Which things are essential for me on a journey?

  • camera 
  • smartphone 


Favourite travel quote or personal travel guideline?

  • when people ask me "how do you do it (financially)?" I like to joke about it and tell them "we rob banks!" 
  • don't plan too much...


Chile © Landcruising Adventure