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Chile © Landcruising Adventure

Karin-Marijke Vis




writer, route planner, cook, housekeeper, financial director


3 things that make me happy

  • Being on the road with Coen
  • Finding a tranquil, beautiful place to rough camp
  • Feeling free


Favorite dish/drink:
coffee and a Dutch meal that consists of mashed potatoes mixed with sauerkraut served with pieces of pineapple and/or banana.


Favorite countries:
Iran, India, Brazil.


Brasilien © Landcruising Adventure

Brasilien © Landcruising Adventure

Where do I feel at home:
On the road, but if you mean a place I'd might see myself settle down one day: south Brazil or central Argentina.


Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese


Most loved travel memory:
Hitting the road on May 31, 2003. The feeling of being free, of setting out for a life free of suburban trials and regulations, living a life that I really really wanted. As we left the Netherlands I was truly elated, exited, happy, and felt I could conquer the world.


Traveling means to me:

First of all it's about being free, about living a life outside boxes. Second it's about exploring other countries, new cultures and meeting people.


Ecuador © Landcruising Adventure

When I think of the next destination of our journey, I feel…
Excited. We're about to round off our 9-year South America exploration and I am ready for a new continent. Which one this will be depends on where a ship can take our vehicle.



  • good health
  • laptop for writing


Travel quote

"If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home." ~James Michener


“The most important decision you’ll ever make is whether you live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe” ~Einstein


Argentinien © Landcruising Adventure